12: Why we do this

Why we do what we do. Plus some updates on mentorship events, new features, fixing issues, onboarding, and overall work being done on DotPlan and Fusioncast.
Recorded on July 28, 2021

In this episode we talk about starting a new full time job (Mario), problems with editing the podcast in Garage Band, which lead to trying Descript, and Alan participating in two business/founder mentorship events, and pitching DotPlan in Japanese instead of English.

We also talk about our reasons behind why we're working on our products, and overall goals for our businesses. We talk about where we stand with regards to the idea of taking investment, and the hard-work/reward experience of being on this solo founder journey tackling different kinds of challenges.

Alan shares about new features added to DotPlan. Mario's been trying to work on fixing an issue with recording, onboarding users, and spending a lot of time thinking and strategizing ways to fix a critical issue with the Fusioncast recording engine.

12: Why we do this
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