About Indie Maker Journey

The goal of the Indie Maker Journey podcast is to share our story, the struggles, successes, failures, hopes, and aspirations while building our own indie software products. We hope that it will be useful in some way to other indie makers like yourself.

We hope to capture our conversations in the most natural way possible. One of our goals is also to do as little editing as possible (only where absolutely necessary). Partly because it takes so darn long to edit! But also because we want to capture and share our raw discussions of various subjects related to software development, marketing, bootstrapping, and indie making in general. We feel it's most useful that way.

Hi! I'm Mario Rodriguez, and I'm your host.

I'm a software engineer in the US, and indie maker myself. I've been writing code since the late 80's and building things online since the early days of the web. These days I build things using primarily the wonderful Laravel framework, Vue.js, Inertia.js, JavaScript, MySQL, Jekyll, Statamic and many other tools. I'm the creator of Fusioncast.fm a browser-based remote podcast recording platform that allows you to easily record high-quality audio and video with your remote guests or co-hosts. We record this podcast with Fusioncast. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy our podcast.

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