About Indie Maker Journey

The goal of the Indie Maker Journey podcast is to bring to light inspiring stories of independent developers, designers, and other creatives, who around the world, are on their journey to build successful products and businesses. They are on a quest to make an independent living from their creative work.

There are many great podcasts out there, with amazing interviews and stories with successful founders. Stories that inspire and teach valuable lessons. But Indie Maker Journey strives to be different by showcasing the stories of aspiring entrepreneurs who "haven't made it yet." The stories of those who are now on their journey there, providing an insight into their struggles, strategies, failures, successes, aspirations, and more.

Hi! I'm Mario Rodriguez, and I'm your host.

I'm a software engineer, consultant, and an indie maker myself. I've been writing code since the late 80's and building things online since the early days of the web. These days I build things using primarily the wonderful Laravel framework, Vue.js, JavaScript, MySQL, Jekyll, Statamic and many other tools. I'm the creator of MailtoUI.js and other stuff.

I created this podcast because I want to help bring the spotlight to those lesser known indie makers. I believe there are important lessons to be learned from them, and they have inspiring stories waiting to be shared. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your support!

(C) 2019 @mariordev