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20: A bit of everything

19: Legalize it

15: The credit card upfront dilemma

14: Paddling in a kanuu

13: Off the grid and back

12: Why we do this

Why we do what we do. Plus some updates on mentorship events, new features, fixing issues, onboarding, and overall work being done on DotPlan and Fusioncast.

11: IMJ × Justin Jackson

Mario and Alan are joined by Justin Jackson, co-founder of, to talk about the state of indie SaaS and the importance of choosing the right market for you...

10: Product Manager Think

In this episode, Mario and Alan discuss the difficulties of choosing which product features to prioritize, problems with overheating MacBooks and options for Product A...

9: Remote Work Reflections

Alan and Mario talk about their experiences of remote working and Alan talks about his reasons for building on dotplan to improve remote communications.

8: Landing Page Learnings & Onboarding Observations

Alan talks about the difficulties of launching a product with lots of different use cases, onboarding ideas & subtle problems with microcopy, and Mario discusses t...

7: Obfuscation Investigations & Time Picker Pickles

In this episode, Mario discusses his JavaScript debugging nightmares and Alan complains about cultural differences in dealing with time and laments about web time &...

6: Life, Challenges, and Progress

In this episode we talk about life challenges while trying to make progress with our products, technical challenges, UX/UI, tools, cloud services, and more.

5: To unit test, or not to unit test

We're back after a short break! Alan and Mario discuss how they're testing (or not!) parts of their app, the latest development updates and different approaches to o...

4: Introductions (finally!)

Alan and Mario finally get around to introducing themselves and the products they are working on.

3: 99 Seconds of Pitch

The one where Alan talks about his Founder’s Live pitch, the benefits of talking about your product on twitter and some of the difficulties of bootstrapping.

2: Nuggets of Wonder

The one where we talk about IDs in URLs, updates to fusioncast, and how long an ideal podcast should be.

1: It Worked!

The one where we talk about the challenges of building software, and other business-related stuff.


We introduce ourselves and the projects we're working on. Welcome to Indie Maker Journey!

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