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6: Life, Challenges, and Progress

In this episode we talk about life challenges while trying to make progress with our products, technical challenges, UX/UI, tools, cloud services, and more.

5: To unit test, or not to unit test

We're back after a short break! Alan and Mario discuss how they're testing (or not!) parts of their app, the latest development updates and different approaches to onboarding new users.

4: Introductions (finally!)

Alan and Mario finally get around to introducing themselves and the products they are working on.

3: 99 Seconds of Pitch

The one where Alan talks about his Founder’s Live pitch, the benefits of talking about your product on twitter and some of the difficulties of bootstrapping.

2: Nuggets of Wonder

The one where we talk about IDs in URLs, updates to fusioncast, and how long an ideal podcast should be.

1: It Worked!

The one where we talk about the challenges of building software, and other business-related stuff.


We introduce ourselves and the projects we're working on. Welcome to Indie Maker Journey!

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